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Martin Sports Production - Event Management Team

David H. Martin, CEO, and the Martin Sports Productions team members begin their thoughts individually and then come together to meld their ideas toward a common goal that services the client’s needs and objectives. This takes careful research, excellent communication, superb listening skills and abundant imagination. Their teamwork and interaction with the client is creative collaboration at its finest.

Martin Sports Productions has a first string team of professionals with training,
education and significant experience in graphic design, theatre, marketing, public relations and sports production operations.

SPORTS is what we do——tried and true.

David H. Martin - Show Designer

The Coach.... Show Designer

Martin Sports & Entertainment founder and CEO David H. Martin spent his youth immersed in baseball and theatre. From little league to the collegiate league, from local children’s theatre to national theatre tours and concert production, Martin was well trained in the depth and breadth of the skills and possibilities of both worlds.

Moving from player to coach and from actor to producer/designer gave the “artsy jock” the creative background to shape his two loves into one authentic passion and to form a design and production company for sports-themed fanfests and events.

David H. Martin - Martin Sports Productions
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